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What’s coming right about now?

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Blog

Ok, so, let’s be real. I’ve been inactive for some time now on my blog. Life’s been busy and stuff, but as you can see I haven’t stopped writing poetry or anything. I’ve just not been posting it. For my subscribers, I am sorry for the poetry spam today, I hope you enjoy it as much as you hate it. I realize this probably isn’t the best way to do things, I’m planning to do releases on Sundays if not throughout the week. If you’re religious you can expect them to be here shortly after you get home from your weekly attendance, and if not then between noon and 2p they’ll be up. I’m making time for it now. Writing is important to me, it’s something I would really like to explore and enjoy more, and perhaps a career of. So here’s what is coming now…

1. There is a donation button! It’s on the left side bar, feel free to use it if you feel like supporting my writing. I have a job, I’m not asking for someone to pay my bills, but it is quite a confidence boost and if my poems have entertained you even remotely as much as a movie that you’d pay some undisclosed amount for… It’s now available for you to do so for my poems as well. 🙂

2. If you just can’t seem to understand the flow of a poem, I have good news! I will be making recordings and uploading them to be available to you. Starting from the most recent poems and going backwards, I will be adding the link to the bottom of the poem’s page. The spoken word versions of my poems will be linked through adfly, so even if you don’t care about the spoken version and you enjoyed the poem you can support me by going through the link. I promise, you won’t get anything on your computer but the sound of my voice (or a friend of mine voice acting for me) doing this and you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

3. YouTube, YouTube, YouTube! If a poem gets a bunch of likes and comments, I will be likely to make a video for it and post it on YouTube. 🙂 So please comment on and like poems you wish to see a video for.

4. If you want to see more of a certain type of content or a poem on a specific topic, please comment about it! I’d love to try my hand at it at least once. I’ve noticed that I get very few comments, and I’d like to have more constructive criticism as well as knowing what exactly you guys like/dislike about the poems. This is my way of growing myself as a writer, and I could really use your input to help me out!


I know that the expected potential
Isn’t always fulfilled by the actual
Many people could be much more than they are
They don’t lack the potential in their hearts
To reach beyond what appears as distant as stars
But they don’t know where to go or how to start
There’s any number of beauties you could pursue
That would produce a happily ever after ending with you
The potential exists, but it’s up to you to choose
When push comes to shove, and when it doesn’t too
To pick one option is to completely reject all else
And not choosing is leaving every option on it’s shelf
When life is empty you can only blame yourself
For leaving what’s important with everything else
You will always miss one thing to discover another
You need only find what is worth more to you
Whether you end together tethered
Or bear separation for what may be forever.
Is it worth your life, precious as it is?
The fraction of your time it consumes?
The piece of heart it takes when it leaves?
You only have so much to give before life ceases.
The few people/goals meeting minimum essentials
To really be worth it give me synergistic momentum
I know that sometimes the actual
Isn’t always fulfilled by the expected potential.

Life is surprising me lately with the unexpected. Things that are very complex with simple explanations and things very simple with very complex explanations. I’ve stopped looking at the actual to find the potential, I’ve stopped limiting the potential as if it were static and predictable because sometimes what actually comes out of something can blow the expected potential out of the water. Friendships that could be so much more, and this doubled over itself with several meanings. Potential romances, mentors, best friends, partners in business and careers, muses, heros, and healthy competition that may never amount to any of that or all of it or something in between even still unforeseen or precedented… Time will tell, and I’m enjoying watching to see what blossoms from these buds, old and new and in between.

Spoken Word Download:

I wanna let you know
This time I’m letting you go
God had this planned all along
Both of us have better songs to be sung
Maybe we’ll come back to this bridge of love
But I’m starting from scratch at verse 1
With no intention to be writing from
A platform of past experiences or those to come
I’ll write the lyrics He sings through me instead
This man died, now He lives in my stead
Forget about the old me, he’s long dead!
Forget my name, forget we ever met!

– I did not write this about a person, but instead gave personification to each of the things that I see leaving or taken from my life. It is a good thing that God takes away. It is hard, but sometimes we need to let go of the old things before new things can be held properly. Go ahead and try to live a day where anything you grab you continue to hold onto for the remainder of the day, you’ll understand it is good for some things to exit our lives even when it seems untimely to us. I know, however, that not everything is taken away forever. It is not my job to say when or what is given and taken away from me, my job is to steward that which is in my hand well. If the same thing comes to my hand twice, I will not reject it and I will not expect it to stay there forever.

I have to say, I really appreciate this song and that there are people still writing meaningful music! What is the most meaningful song you’ve heard lately? Leave a comment. 🙂

My second freestyle video. 🙂 Hope you like it.

Why do people need Jesus?  Why do you need Jesus?  Don’t answer with only an inspirational quote like, “He is my hope.” That is hard to recite when it all hits the fan. Also, don’t preach to others here, but really just talk about you and JC for a minute.  Think on this for a while and then share your thoughts.”

Wow… This site (click here) is awesome. It really puts things out there to think about, and I’m glad I came across something like this. I like taking things seriously, and this really challenged me personally.

I need Jesus, not because of what He did and not because I believe in something He said. I need Jesus because the reality of the situation is that, although I fail to grasp the simplest of things at times, in all things I find truth compelling and none more compelling than what I find in Him. I desire truth. The world I see and the world He describes are so different, yet only in perspective and not function or definition, and my heart is longing for that which He describes. I want an adventure, I want a battle, something to fight for and the ability to do it. I want a real truth, powerful and solid and firm and unmoving regardless of my own opinions and experiences. I want a challenge, something to push me and bend me and send me far beyond my limits at times. I want a pure and fiery romance, or at least something to be passionate about to the point my heart burns itself completely as fuel for the flame. Nothing in this world satisfies these desires and cravings in my soul completely. Nothing in this world matches up. I can find this or that in the world, I can make this or that happen in my lifetime, but every path I take ends up feeling meaningless and uninspiring if it’s something I’m making come true instead of just being true. I want something greater because I find myself no longer able to accept all this world has to offer me and I am forced, no, determined to seek more. I am well aware this costs me my life and everything I could ever gain, that it costs me my freedom of choice and my ease of existence nearly all the time, but it rids me of all meaningless things and I gain those desires of my heart that this world can never satisfy. For me? That’s convincing enough that I need Jesus. Then I find out that I’ve sinned, so I no longer have the opportunity to chase the things of God and am denied the right to live according to my deepest desires, and the only way to fix it is passing through a narrow gate we know as Jesus? So you’re telling me the very One I need is now something I need even more? I’m taking that shot and you can keep your religion and worldly values to yourself. I just need Jesus.

First/Third song – Heart Problem by Trip Lee

Second/Fouth song – Choose Me by Xilent

I don’t own any rights to the audio, please go check them out on iTunes if you like the tracks!

😀 FINALLY got my first freestyle video out. Had the time, had the equipment, had the motivation. The audio was recorded live playing from my phone so I apologize if it’s not the best audio quality, it was a spur of the moment recording.