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As far as I can tell, I’m still young
You are too… Apparently you’re only 21 once.
But it happens 300 something days in a row,
I guess I don’t get it because I’m not old
The way I see it, I still have time
To make enough mistakes for a lifetime
But only just barely… I think…
And I’m not sure that would leave time to dream
Considering most wrinkles I’ve talked to
Have only managed one or at best two
And considering you have 300 something
When you’re 21 once, that’s intimidating.
I guess that’s why they hope we start now
So that maybe we get 3 under our belt?
Well, I guess that makes sense if you’re a wrinkle
But I’m still trying to figure it all out for now
I’ll only have a baby face and small problems
For a short while, they tell me, so I should enjoy them
(But the small problems are pretty big… I think…)
See, I think when you get old your eyes don’t see as well,
And it gets to the point that some problems may as well be invisible.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t there,
They just get left alone and start to pull out your hair
And weigh down your skin and wear out your smile
So my first dream is to have the best eyes around
And then I’ll have the time to dream
And I’ll still be young, or so it will seem.
But for now, we’re still young,
And I’ve heard we’ll only be 21 once.

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God Liveth.

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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So many lives
Under these skies
Not so different from
A common beehive
Everywhere you turn
Another trace of life lies
Whether simple structures that represent
Or living breathing inhabitants
A whole world full of intents
And hardly a place exists
Where God hath not sent
This rain of His words and breath
For as man walks, God liveth.

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I know that the expected potential
Isn’t always fulfilled by the actual
Many people could be much more than they are
They don’t lack the potential in their hearts
To reach beyond what appears as distant as stars
But they don’t know where to go or how to start
There’s any number of beauties you could pursue
That would produce a happily ever after ending with you
The potential exists, but it’s up to you to choose
When push comes to shove, and when it doesn’t too
To pick one option is to completely reject all else
And not choosing is leaving every option on it’s shelf
When life is empty you can only blame yourself
For leaving what’s important with everything else
You will always miss one thing to discover another
You need only find what is worth more to you
Whether you end together tethered
Or bear separation for what may be forever.
Is it worth your life, precious as it is?
The fraction of your time it consumes?
The piece of heart it takes when it leaves?
You only have so much to give before life ceases.
The few people/goals meeting minimum essentials
To really be worth it give me synergistic momentum
I know that sometimes the actual
Isn’t always fulfilled by the expected potential.

Life is surprising me lately with the unexpected. Things that are very complex with simple explanations and things very simple with very complex explanations. I’ve stopped looking at the actual to find the potential, I’ve stopped limiting the potential as if it were static and predictable because sometimes what actually comes out of something can blow the expected potential out of the water. Friendships that could be so much more, and this doubled over itself with several meanings. Potential romances, mentors, best friends, partners in business and careers, muses, heros, and healthy competition that may never amount to any of that or all of it or something in between even still unforeseen or precedented… Time will tell, and I’m enjoying watching to see what blossoms from these buds, old and new and in between.

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War rages in the heart
Soul and spirit torn apart
And set at serious odds
My soul, trapped in a deep fog
Called Earth, a place of cruelty
My spirit, born of highest royalty
Eagerly waiting upon the Word of the King
Both still me, but the space between
Their perspectives begins the war
Who the winner will be I can’t be sure
But I know if I take no stand then soul will win
But to side with the spirit requires costly action
If soul leads then spirit, part of me, dies
If spirit takes lead, I admit I was never truly alive
For the spirit to lead and soul to follow
My mind I must submit, make myself low
And make high the King on the throne
But I am divided, even deep as marrow and bones
By His Word that makes my flesh cry aloud
In sorrow and pain for the things it must do without
This war in my being between half-decent intentions
And thoughts of seemingly justifiable self preservation
With selfless overly sacrificial and intentional giving
And intentions wholly based in Kingdom thinking
As much as you’d think the choice is obvious
We still choose ultimately to live for us
Even knowing the choices given
Are simply life or death, hell or heaven
I desire and do things I don’t want any part of
And I honestly want things I know are bad, it’s rough
To live torn with yourself, denying the other half
Seriously, one or the other. Pick your path.
No more of this pretense of “Making decisions”
Hold to your convictions.

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Balloons don’t fly in the rain
It’s harder to let it go in the midst of pain
It’s difficult to go against the grain
Lesson learned, meaningless is the pursuit without gain.
It’s a tough truth, but you know what?
You can still stand and look straight up
In the face of this ugly unending storm
Amidst the gales, on supports that are worn
The tide is and has always stood against you
Wind in your sail is a feeling that would be new
Ease and comfort, just friends that abandoned you
Still, though life happens, one thing is true
The ability is yours to stand.

Streets walked
By busy little bots
Robot humanity
Life on automatic
Eyes to pavement, glued
Following lines and grooves
“Choices and decisions”
Following nature’s rhythms
Only one way against the flow
Though there’s countless ways it goes
Return is my life ’til death calling
Like a salmon, upstream I’m going
I won’t follow the zombie masses
Converting and consuming every life it passes
My heart finally started beating again
And I see clearly the world I live in
I won’t follow my zombie cravings anymore
This flesh is not the best master to live for
I’m done with this selfish robot program
Want more, get more? Meaningless, man!
You don’t get it, because it’s easy
Following a current can be plenty pleasing
But I’m after more than my passing pleasure
This world will never fully satisfy my desire
I met someone that changed my fate
So I walk the path no one dares take
This world can never take enough from me
To rid me of my addiction to things they don’t see
Some will insist it’s pure insanity
But they don’t want to face the reality
That life is more than following your dream
They still want to play pretend they’re asleep
When it’s all or nothing and we’re playing for keeps
I refuse to walk with my eyes glued to the street.