Expected Potential

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Blog, Other Poetry, Poetry, Relationship Poetry
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I know that the expected potential
Isn’t always fulfilled by the actual
Many people could be much more than they are
They don’t lack the potential in their hearts
To reach beyond what appears as distant as stars
But they don’t know where to go or how to start
There’s any number of beauties you could pursue
That would produce a happily ever after ending with you
The potential exists, but it’s up to you to choose
When push comes to shove, and when it doesn’t too
To pick one option is to completely reject all else
And not choosing is leaving every option on it’s shelf
When life is empty you can only blame yourself
For leaving what’s important with everything else
You will always miss one thing to discover another
You need only find what is worth more to you
Whether you end together tethered
Or bear separation for what may be forever.
Is it worth your life, precious as it is?
The fraction of your time it consumes?
The piece of heart it takes when it leaves?
You only have so much to give before life ceases.
The few people/goals meeting minimum essentials
To really be worth it give me synergistic momentum
I know that sometimes the actual
Isn’t always fulfilled by the expected potential.

Life is surprising me lately with the unexpected. Things that are very complex with simple explanations and things very simple with very complex explanations. I’ve stopped looking at the actual to find the potential, I’ve stopped limiting the potential as if it were static and predictable because sometimes what actually comes out of something can blow the expected potential out of the water. Friendships that could be so much more, and this doubled over itself with several meanings. Potential romances, mentors, best friends, partners in business and careers, muses, heros, and healthy competition that may never amount to any of that or all of it or something in between even still unforeseen or precedented… Time will tell, and I’m enjoying watching to see what blossoms from these buds, old and new and in between.

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