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A National Holiday

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Holiday Poetry, Poetry
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It just isn’t Christmas without love
No matter how much you bundle up,
Hats, boots, coats, gloves
Lacking a warm heart you’ll never have enough
It isn’t the gifts that make it merry
It’s the interaction of family
And friends that make this a national holiday

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This year
Holiday Cheer
Isn’t knocking at my door
As I gaze deep into a mirror
I realize how alone I am here
And I find myself longing for more

My dear
I fear
That we belong together
As this haze, a holiday smear
Easily forgotten because no one cares
Drags on without you, and leaves me sore.

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This Christmas
My wishlist
Is simply
You and me
By the fireplace

Staying warm
In your arms
Under a blanket
Content with
The sweetness
Of companionship

Bells that jingle
And old Chris Kringle
Eating chocolate chips
Red nosed reindeer
And holding loved ones near
A holiday to never forget

Just a mistletoe apart
Heart to heart
A romantic embrace 
I don’t want any presents
All I want is your presence
On December twenty fifth

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A firework,
Bangs and sparks
Flying high in the night sky
It’s definitely the Fourth of July
Freedom ring and liberty resound
Remembrance of forefathers that paid for this ground
With bloodshed and battle scars
Lived life with a bang and a spark
A bright light in a world so dark
Short but brilliant, a firework.

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I know a poem isn’t exactly what you want
But it’s what I’ve got to give you
I know you’d much prefer something you could flaunt
Like, “check my grill, my tv, my ride” true?

And as much as I’d like to give you that sort of thing
You won’t get something so cheap from me
As all these things pass away my words will continue to ring
And I’m sure this is worth more than they ever would be

You’re my dad, and that’s always the truth
Good, Bad, and the Ugly that I share too (*coughyourfault* #blamedadnotgenetics)
Always, through and through
So I wanna say I appreciate you.

I know I’m not the greatest son in the world
Though you’ll always tell me different (because I really am. 😉 jk)
And you’re not a perfect father figure
But somehow I’m sure we can work past this.

You taught me so many key things even with distance
Work ethic, what not to do, and skipping stones
Even when my world is going 200 mph, I won’t forget this,
You’ve instilled things deep into my core, my bones.

Even though I’m taking shots at you in fun
I really respect what you’ve always done for me since day one
You’re my dad, and I’m proud to be your son.
Happy Father’s day. Have a good smile this one. 🙂

My day off, hell yes!
Finally kick my feet up and relax on my deck
Read a good book and write a good poem
It’s a good day, and creativity’s a flowin’
Good Lord, You really knew best
Taking a day off is the greatest thing You’d invent
I’ll admit, woman is a close second
But they’d be pain 24/7 😉
And if the devil never takes a break
It’s no wonder torment is his fate
To think of all Your ideas we were the best…
Nah, You saved the best for last, Creator of rest.

Living Legends

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Holiday Poetry, Poetry

It’s Memorial Day, and I choose to remember and honor those brave enough to answer a call to duty and to follow their convictions and countrymen to danger and even death. First responders and military personnel, veterans and the families of these men and women, thank you for your services and your sacrifices. You are heroes that continue to inspire us.

Honor is earned
Respect is given
Uniforms are worn
By men and women
Who hold convictions
And are duty driven
To protect our freedoms
Our homes, and our children
God bless and keep them
Wherever You lead them
And be with those grieving
The loss of a hero or heroine
Today we are thanking
All in uniform for service given.
We wouldn’t be freed men
If it weren’t for veterans, living legends.