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I know more Atheists that pray
Than it is worth the time counting
Hiding in the haze of mystery
Their numbers quickly growing
Willing to speak a firm amen
After the fervent prayer of a saint
Because they want the blessings
Without knowing the God that gave
Falsified religious belief
Strong enough to convince themselves
But never practicing what they preach
Still expecting to avoid the flames of hell
Like they fear punishment
More than they believe in it
While they adore their own ideal of heaven
They are unwilling to put the effort in
To changing the world in which we live.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Are more common than you’d think.

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“Our approach will determine their response”
My pastor spoke in a meeting after lunch
It made me think of the implications and such
Of my role in every ministry God uses us to launch
I have an approach unique to me,
As most days you can clearly see
Perhaps most easily in a line of poetry
And this may just be what someone needs
My approach determines the response of the undead
Left at my finger tips by God with clear intent
I know for a fact I was born for such a time as this
The concept burning on this heart in my chest
That I sold out as bartering goods to accurately represent
Him, I pray I may become all things to all men
And let the approach be effective, so not one is mislead
New, improved, improving, don’t forget it.
Simply put, failure means we’re not finished yet
And if we are to die in the process
God will rise up 3 more messengers in our stead
I am unimportant, God let Your message be sent.

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God, I remember You.
I remember the times You came through
And in the raging storms of life I knew
I could most definitely count on You
And in the peace and calm of life now I see
Sometimes it’s easy to forget the feeling of defeat
And forget how it feels to depend on You in need
And so forget altogether the hand that feeds
But God, I remember You
Your Word is true
And You are faithful in good weather too
So I think some praise is due
Bring to the altar of remembrance something new
God, I choose to remember You.

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War rages in the heart
Soul and spirit torn apart
And set at serious odds
My soul, trapped in a deep fog
Called Earth, a place of cruelty
My spirit, born of highest royalty
Eagerly waiting upon the Word of the King
Both still me, but the space between
Their perspectives begins the war
Who the winner will be I can’t be sure
But I know if I take no stand then soul will win
But to side with the spirit requires costly action
If soul leads then spirit, part of me, dies
If spirit takes lead, I admit I was never truly alive
For the spirit to lead and soul to follow
My mind I must submit, make myself low
And make high the King on the throne
But I am divided, even deep as marrow and bones
By His Word that makes my flesh cry aloud
In sorrow and pain for the things it must do without
This war in my being between half-decent intentions
And thoughts of seemingly justifiable self preservation
With selfless overly sacrificial and intentional giving
And intentions wholly based in Kingdom thinking
As much as you’d think the choice is obvious
We still choose ultimately to live for us
Even knowing the choices given
Are simply life or death, hell or heaven
I desire and do things I don’t want any part of
And I honestly want things I know are bad, it’s rough
To live torn with yourself, denying the other half
Seriously, one or the other. Pick your path.
No more of this pretense of “Making decisions”
Hold to your convictions.

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I wanna let you know
This time I’m letting you go
God had this planned all along
Both of us have better songs to be sung
Maybe we’ll come back to this bridge of love
But I’m starting from scratch at verse 1
With no intention to be writing from
A platform of past experiences or those to come
I’ll write the lyrics He sings through me instead
This man died, now He lives in my stead
Forget about the old me, he’s long dead!
Forget my name, forget we ever met!

– I did not write this about a person, but instead gave personification to each of the things that I see leaving or taken from my life. It is a good thing that God takes away. It is hard, but sometimes we need to let go of the old things before new things can be held properly. Go ahead and try to live a day where anything you grab you continue to hold onto for the remainder of the day, you’ll understand it is good for some things to exit our lives even when it seems untimely to us. I know, however, that not everything is taken away forever. It is not my job to say when or what is given and taken away from me, my job is to steward that which is in my hand well. If the same thing comes to my hand twice, I will not reject it and I will not expect it to stay there forever.

Sin, I beg you not
But command it
Leave at once
Return empty handed
To your foul master
My accuser, a lawless bandit.
And wipe that grin off your face
My old way, consider yourself abandoned.

God, the great and powerful
Praiseworthy and masterful
Creator of all that is beautiful
And origin of all the universe

Christ, the greatest miracle
Given as sacrifice for all
The Word who left heaven for the fall
And brought redemption upon a cross

Holy Spirit, wise counselor
Miracle worker and deliverer
Guidance and generous giver
Of God’s gifts, our convicter

Father, the great I Am
Who formed life in His hand
Everything according to His plan
He was with the Word before the first breath of man