Letting You Go

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Blog, Other Poetry, Poetry, Relationship Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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I wanna let you know
This time I’m letting you go
God had this planned all along
Both of us have better songs to be sung
Maybe we’ll come back to this bridge of love
But I’m starting from scratch at verse 1
With no intention to be writing from
A platform of past experiences or those to come
I’ll write the lyrics He sings through me instead
This man died, now He lives in my stead
Forget about the old me, he’s long dead!
Forget my name, forget we ever met!

– I did not write this about a person, but instead gave personification to each of the things that I see leaving or taken from my life. It is a good thing that God takes away. It is hard, but sometimes we need to let go of the old things before new things can be held properly. Go ahead and try to live a day where anything you grab you continue to hold onto for the remainder of the day, you’ll understand it is good for some things to exit our lives even when it seems untimely to us. I know, however, that not everything is taken away forever. It is not my job to say when or what is given and taken away from me, my job is to steward that which is in my hand well. If the same thing comes to my hand twice, I will not reject it and I will not expect it to stay there forever.


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