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The newborn elf, a baby boy, lay silently watching wide-eyed as if something grand were about to occur, not in the slightest aware that he was in fact that grand something. A prince was born to his people this day. His name? Idan Zeal. And so the tale begins.


The King embraced the child, throwing all his cares away with unceasing joy. He was a father. He was a father! The child, so vulnerable and helpless yet powerfully innocent and pure. This was the beginning of a grand story, a bright genesis, and the king knew it. The evening was filled with merry celebration and upbeat song. As the day drew to a close and the moon was on it’s rise the king lay a kiss on the top of Idan’s head. “My son…” He said in awe as he laid the small baby in a crib. Turning to walk away his thoughts turned back to the war and his pace became brisk. Straight to the war meeting, now he had more reason to fight than ever. Things weren’t looking good for the city of Fiah where they lived. The rest of the kingdom, Teaghais, had grown corrupt and was at civil war. “Any notable movements?” The king asked as he hurried to his seat in the well hidden room. “None, which worries us more.” responded Casper, one of the king’s advisors. “If you don’t count the army slowly making it’s way here” General Gil chimed in. “Well, he knew about that!” Casper said, “No need to fuss about it now, we’re already doing our best in preparation.” the stress and fatigue showing through his voice. Raul, a genius strategist and final member of the meeting, stood and bowed briefly to greet the king while continuing the conversation, “And we still haven’t told the civilians anything, Casper? I think it’s time we prepare them as well, now that the festivities are over.” Trying to get comfortable in his chair, the king agrees, “Yes, I will tell my wife first in the morning. After that I will address the people. Gil, prepare for riots. How many days out are they at worst?” And at the sound of his words the room goes silent. “Three days, my king” Raul says, breaking the silence, “and that is the best case scenario, at worst they could appear as you speak tomorrow.” The king stood, “Then we have no time to waste, get some rest tonight and we’ll do what we can tomorrow. Good night everyone.” he said leaving the room.

Morning came quickly, and as the sun rose so did the people of Fiah.



My second freestyle video. 🙂 Hope you like it.

First/Third song – Heart Problem by Trip Lee

Second/Fouth song – Choose Me by Xilent

I don’t own any rights to the audio, please go check them out on iTunes if you like the tracks!

😀 FINALLY got my first freestyle video out. Had the time, had the equipment, had the motivation. The audio was recorded live playing from my phone so I apologize if it’s not the best audio quality, it was a spur of the moment recording.