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Why do people need Jesus?  Why do you need Jesus?  Don’t answer with only an inspirational quote like, “He is my hope.” That is hard to recite when it all hits the fan. Also, don’t preach to others here, but really just talk about you and JC for a minute.  Think on this for a while and then share your thoughts.”

Wow… This site (click here) is awesome. It really puts things out there to think about, and I’m glad I came across something like this. I like taking things seriously, and this really challenged me personally.

I need Jesus, not because of what He did and not because I believe in something He said. I need Jesus because the reality of the situation is that, although I fail to grasp the simplest of things at times, in all things I find truth compelling and none more compelling than what I find in Him. I desire truth. The world I see and the world He describes are so different, yet only in perspective and not function or definition, and my heart is longing for that which He describes. I want an adventure, I want a battle, something to fight for and the ability to do it. I want a real truth, powerful and solid and firm and unmoving regardless of my own opinions and experiences. I want a challenge, something to push me and bend me and send me far beyond my limits at times. I want a pure and fiery romance, or at least something to be passionate about to the point my heart burns itself completely as fuel for the flame. Nothing in this world satisfies these desires and cravings in my soul completely. Nothing in this world matches up. I can find this or that in the world, I can make this or that happen in my lifetime, but every path I take ends up feeling meaningless and uninspiring if it’s something I’m making come true instead of just being true. I want something greater because I find myself no longer able to accept all this world has to offer me and I am forced, no, determined to seek more. I am well aware this costs me my life and everything I could ever gain, that it costs me my freedom of choice and my ease of existence nearly all the time, but it rids me of all meaningless things and I gain those desires of my heart that this world can never satisfy. For me? That’s convincing enough that I need Jesus. Then I find out that I’ve sinned, so I no longer have the opportunity to chase the things of God and am denied the right to live according to my deepest desires, and the only way to fix it is passing through a narrow gate we know as Jesus? So you’re telling me the very One I need is now something I need even more? I’m taking that shot and you can keep your religion and worldly values to yourself. I just need Jesus.



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Perspective… from yours you never really think about all the possibilities and outcomes and what things are like at a different angle because you simply can’t comprehend it, you can only see the possibilities that are in the direction you’re facing. Considering what your friend is going through and thinking is hard enough, but plausible, the same cannot be said about the person you don’t know that lives a million and a half miles away. God’s perspective must be so grand, looking down from heaven seeing all the possibilities and potential and every person’s point of view is within His sight. Perhaps if we turn our gaze upward we can see the reflection of His gaze in His eyes filled with love for us who have caught His attention over all of His creation. Maybe then we’ll see purpose and perhaps even begin to understand one another better… The problem is, we’ll become blind to the things around us if we’re looking up, but if it’s the price to be paid I’ll assume it worth it, after all He is still watching over me. What does anything else matter? His glory has caught my attention, and I don’t want it to let me go.

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You know, I’ve always thought about how to prove what I believe only to conclude that it’s by how I live what I believe. In all of this, it never occurred to me to think what my life would be without the One I dearly love and believe in that I can even have a belief to live out. As I thought about it, the more and more the thought of life without Him churned in my mind it tormented me with a description of hell on earth. My life would suck, I would be in shambles and pieces and have given up so many times and striven all for nothing even if things were going fine, even if I was happy it would mean nothing. It makes me wonder how people survive a life without peace that surpasses all understanding and without real love and true purpose, which I had never given a second thought having known them from childhood. The term “saved” doesn’t do this life that I have in this One justice, but I believe the word “found” might. In His arms I am found, I have need of nothing. The storm will pass, and I will still be tightly surrounded with His arms, I know I will be ok, there is nothing that can take me away or shake me because my feet are firmly planted in the palm of this One who holds me, all other ground is sinking sand. This One is real, here is Someone to be counted on in the raging storms and stresses in life, He is gentle with me, and within afflictions that are so unbearable He comforts my soul despite my despair and distress. I may suffer but all is gain because of this One that I know who has found me. Even in death for me there is peace for I know this One who holds death captive and judgement in satisfaction with His own blood. This One is my foundation, from which my life grows. No one will take His place, should I lose Him I will lose myself because He is all that I have and He deserves all that I am. Had He not found me, I can barely think of who and where I’d be. What’s not to love about this One?

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Flowers Speaking? … Wow!

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We are like flowers, forever grounded and dependent on God. The more we grow, the more the wind can shake us even though we remain grounded. What I noticed today is that even through its violence, the wind is gentle to the firmly rooted flower. It’s interesting how God can speak to you, haha. I never thought watching flowers being blown by the wind would be so unrelated to chasing the wind. If all of man’s duty is to enjoy what God has given him, to obey His commands and to fear Him with a reverence, then I’ll enjoy the gentle breeze coming y way. I’ll choose to grow, I’ll choose the change.

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A Vision of a Cup

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Ok, wow, I swore to myself that I was going to note this and then forgot and just in the nick of time remembered so yea…

So today at the prayer meeting I saw a bit of a vision, and I know that this cup thing has been used a bit lately but who’s to say God can’t keep using it. But there was a cup in two parts and water overflowing from it, the top of the cup was just a bowl and the bottom was like a stand for the bowl to sit on and the water overflowing surrounded the cup but first hit all the areas near the cup.

I feel like we, individually, are the bowls, plain and ordinary nothing special but still designed for a purpose and an important tool that people need. We may not be super-human like the apostles seem to be but we can reach people, the apostles were just ordinary people too, but they had a calling on their life and they listened. The stand represents the people closest to us, the Christians we surround ourselves with and the iron that sharpens our iron or our partners in life. Nothing can separate us so long as gravity holds us together because we have a common cause, the stand makes the bowl a cup and the bowl makes the stand a handle so that both can be used to their full potential. The bowl might be useful for other things but it can’t fulfill it’s greatest purpose without the stand. I’m not even going to bother explaining the water, God can speak for Himself here, or I’d hope so, He’s been talking about Himself for years. Anyway, the ground directly around the cup represents the people who are in direct contact with us, the people we know that aren’t saved or aren’t living a life with hope and a future, maybe family or friends or even classmates, the people we’re responsible for. What I saw in the vision wasn’t that they were getting wet, or poured on, but that they were getting drenched in the water because of the overflow. What I think God is ultimately saying is this, if we would surround ourselves with the right people that can lift us up and would fill our lives with Him to the point that we’re bursting at the seems then the people around us are just going to get drenched in the overflow of His presence and there won’t be any denying that we serve a God that lives. That our lives alone will be enough to prove that a God that loves them exists to an unbelieving generation. Are you so full of God that your life can speak volumes? I believe that God isn’t saying do A and B and C and Z will happen, I think God is saying that if we’re ready He’s about to pour out something new, and maybe already has.

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