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Expectations force you to a narrow pass
On your left a mountain of resistance
On your right you find a valley of disappointments
And it’s hard to imagine it’s all hallucinations
The reality is that the mountain is one you can climb
You can in fact reach it’s greatest heights
By only taking one step at a time
Breaking the limitations of expectations on your mind
The next step to your right is also a joke
There is no cliff, no hell fire and smoke
We all make mistakes and eventually choke
It’s meant for a laugh as we press onward in hope
Don’t let expectations be your bondage
Just because they’re near doesn’t give them a right to homage
Although some may count it against you
Life is not the sum of your scores
Take your next step with no regrets
And break down the wall if there is no door.

What? Thought you could always expect a door?

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I know more Atheists that pray
Than it is worth the time counting
Hiding in the haze of mystery
Their numbers quickly growing
Willing to speak a firm amen
After the fervent prayer of a saint
Because they want the blessings
Without knowing the God that gave
Falsified religious belief
Strong enough to convince themselves
But never practicing what they preach
Still expecting to avoid the flames of hell
Like they fear punishment
More than they believe in it
While they adore their own ideal of heaven
They are unwilling to put the effort in
To changing the world in which we live.
Wolves in sheep’s clothing
Are more common than you’d think.

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Our lives are a canvas waiting to be painted on
When it’s done what will it be a portrait of?
Of yourself? Of those you loved?
No, it will be a picture of what God has done
For you in your life, show how far you’ve come

I want my life portrait to be a reflection of His face
I want it to tell my end of the story of His grace
How He came and died to take MY place
I want it to point to Him at the end of the day

I don’t know where to start on this blank canvas as my path begins
So as I’m living and my heart beating, I’m just tracing His fingerprints

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God, the great and powerful
Praiseworthy and masterful
Creator of all that is beautiful
And origin of all the universe

Christ, the greatest miracle
Given as sacrifice for all
The Word who left heaven for the fall
And brought redemption upon a cross

Holy Spirit, wise counselor
Miracle worker and deliverer
Guidance and generous giver
Of God’s gifts, our convict-er

Father, the great I am
Holding all power in His hand
Everything according to His plan
He was with the Word before the first breath of man

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God Liveth.

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So many lives
Under these skies
Not so different from
A common beehive
Everywhere you turn
Another trace of life lies
Whether simple structures that represent
Or living breathing inhabitants
A whole world full of intents
And hardly a place exists
Where God hath not sent
This rain of His words and breath
For as man walks, God liveth.

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“Our approach will determine their response”
My pastor spoke in a meeting after lunch
It made me think of the implications and such
Of my role in every ministry God uses us to launch
I have an approach unique to me,
As most days you can clearly see
Perhaps most easily in a line of poetry
And this may just be what someone needs
My approach determines the response of the undead
Left at my finger tips by God with clear intent
I know for a fact I was born for such a time as this
The concept burning on this heart in my chest
That I sold out as bartering goods to accurately represent
Him, I pray I may become all things to all men
And let the approach be effective, so not one is mislead
New, improved, improving, don’t forget it.
Simply put, failure means we’re not finished yet
And if we are to die in the process
God will rise up 3 more messengers in our stead
I am unimportant, God let Your message be sent.

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God, I remember You.
I remember the times You came through
And in the raging storms of life I knew
I could most definitely count on You
And in the peace and calm of life now I see
Sometimes it’s easy to forget the feeling of defeat
And forget how it feels to depend on You in need
And so forget altogether the hand that feeds
But God, I remember You
Your Word is true
And You are faithful in good weather too
So I think some praise is due
Bring to the altar of remembrance something new
God, I choose to remember You.

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