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Time to Write

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Other Poetry, Poetry
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I can’t seem to find the time to write,
When I spend a minute to listen
Then an hour to understand
When I spend eight to work
And a day to recuperate
Then a week doing the same
I call it going insane
Because for no reason whatsoever
I expect something to change
And when it doesn’t…
I don’t…
What a crazy thought
That I didn’t jot down
Faster than it could flee
And still… the page is empty…

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Lately, I’ve been seeing too much of you
Honestly, I’ve still got time to kill too
And I suppose I’ve nothing better to do
So let’s hash it out until we’re through
But even after I’ve come to hate
This person I can’t help but debate
I can’t escape, when my mirror shows your face
And your limits are bound to mine as if it were fate
One of us has to be wrong tonight
But that makes neither of us right
Neither I nor you have a clue, but still fight
And all it accomplishes is tearing apart our mind.

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