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I can’t explain myself,
not with words you want to hear
But I can’t reduce my self
To a man who holds nothing dear
It is a decision of character
Rather than of circumstance
I will love her better
And it has nothing to do with romance
I’d rather live filled with pains
Than fill my coming death with regret
When given these options
I’ll take the one you won’t soon forget
And I sure won’t forget it either
On this rough road I chose to travel
I close the door behind me as I enter
Eyes front, yelling back, “Turn the deadbolt!”

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The way she writes her y’s,
Her laugh and huge goofy smile,
The way tears appear in her eyes
Things I haven’t thought of for a while

But nonetheless reasons to adore her
And I will adore her, like it’s going out of style
And will continue to forever
Every inch of every new mile.

I hope people call her lucky
When she walks down the aisle
Because she deserves the best man I can be
And a romance that’s absolutely wild

She’s beautiful, the brightest gem
And it’s so much deeper than the Nile
Farther than will be seen by most men
But then again, I’ve yet to see it all myself.

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