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The rain is dreary
It’s leaving me sleepy
And as i start dreaming
The drops throw a party
In the place for parking
As rainbows are arching
Played like vinyl by lightning
And thunder rumbles lightly
On the dance floor nightly
Drops step until the sun is rising
As I find myself waking
A thought is captivating
Nature is frightening.

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Poem of Your Drops

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Other Poetry, Poetry
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Rain, you’re not so bad
I like the feeling as you trickle on my back
Cooling me down from the fiery summer sun
It’s just water, and you can sometimes be fun
Sure, you darken the skies
And it always seems like you cry
but you’re not so bad
Cheer up my life-giving and thunder clad
Friend, I’m enjoying the poem of your drops
I’m going to miss the rhythm as it stops
An abrupt end.

And let real summer begin again.

Balloons don’t fly in the rain
It’s harder to let it go in the midst of pain
It’s difficult to go against the grain
Lesson learned, meaningless is the pursuit without gain.
It’s a tough truth, but you know what?
You can still stand and look straight up
In the face of this ugly unending storm
Amidst the gales, on supports that are worn
The tide is and has always stood against you
Wind in your sail is a feeling that would be new
Ease and comfort, just friends that abandoned you
Still, though life happens, one thing is true
The ability is yours to stand.