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I can’t explain myself,
not with words you want to hear
But I can’t reduce my self
To a man who holds nothing dear
It is a decision of character
Rather than of circumstance
I will love her better
And it has nothing to do with romance
I’d rather live filled with pains
Than fill my coming death with regret
When given these options
I’ll take the one you won’t soon forget
And I sure won’t forget it either
On this rough road I chose to travel
I close the door behind me as I enter
Eyes front, yelling back, “Turn the deadbolt!”

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Willing that it be broken
I’ll put my heart out there,
Or if you prefer, held dear
I’ll be your lighthouse on a pier
When you think I’ve all but disappeared
I will shine bright and sway your heart from it’s fear
I’ll not abandon my post at this dock
Come rain, snow, or shotgun slug
I’m not going to bail out on us
Even when the going gets rough
Which it most assuredly will
But still, my choice is mine to steel
my heart isn’t one you can steal
It’s given of my own appeal
And neither of us should reel
In our mind on what the other feels
At consequences of love’s burial
Should that be the hand we deal
I’m being realistic and that’s the deal
No two ways about it, though painful it’s real.

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Never once have I thought tears were a sign of weakness,
Not once were they shameful or something to be kept secret
Maybe hidden away from the world, but there’s no reason
To think drops of soul are anything less than pure emotions
A sign of strength, against the current in this world-ocean
Because the truth is tears fall straight, full of motion
Full of life, death, love, hate, happiness, sadness, choosing it’s direction
And following it to the end, a splash of resistance
To oppose all this world would impose on their source of creation
To express with their best the deepest feelings, now released with them

Happiness in the face of despair
Sorrow and pain amidst new breaths of air
For all to witness, everything laid bare
On the surface of a teardrop, everything is shared.
Like an army marching forward, a little soldier
Falls down your cheek going to war
My hand I may place in it’s path, skin so tender
And erase it myself, forgive me if I interfere
But no weakness or shame, just being real here.
It’s ok to cry, don’t hold in the tears.