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Expectations force you to a narrow pass
On your left a mountain of resistance
On your right you find a valley of disappointments
And it’s hard to imagine it’s all hallucinations
The reality is that the mountain is one you can climb
You can in fact reach it’s greatest heights
By only taking one step at a time
Breaking the limitations of expectations on your mind
The next step to your right is also a joke
There is no cliff, no hell fire and smoke
We all make mistakes and eventually choke
It’s meant for a laugh as we press onward in hope
Don’t let expectations be your bondage
Just because they’re near doesn’t give them a right to homage
Although some may count it against you
Life is not the sum of your scores
Take your next step with no regrets
And break down the wall if there is no door.

What? Thought you could always expect a door?

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Lately, I’ve been seeing too much of you
Honestly, I’ve still got time to kill too
And I suppose I’ve nothing better to do
So let’s hash it out until we’re through
But even after I’ve come to hate
This person I can’t help but debate
I can’t escape, when my mirror shows your face
And your limits are bound to mine as if it were fate
One of us has to be wrong tonight
But that makes neither of us right
Neither I nor you have a clue, but still fight
And all it accomplishes is tearing apart our mind.

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