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I can’t explain myself,
not with words you want to hear
But I can’t reduce my self
To a man who holds nothing dear
It is a decision of character
Rather than of circumstance
I will love her better
And it has nothing to do with romance
I’d rather live filled with pains
Than fill my coming death with regret
When given these options
I’ll take the one you won’t soon forget
And I sure won’t forget it either
On this rough road I chose to travel
I close the door behind me as I enter
Eyes front, yelling back, “Turn the deadbolt!”

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A National Holiday

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Holiday Poetry, Poetry
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It just isn’t Christmas without love
No matter how much you bundle up,
Hats, boots, coats, gloves
Lacking a warm heart you’ll never have enough
It isn’t the gifts that make it merry
It’s the interaction of family
And friends that make this a national holiday

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The way she writes her y’s,
Her laugh and huge goofy smile,
The way tears appear in her eyes
Things I haven’t thought of for a while

But nonetheless reasons to adore her
And I will adore her, like it’s going out of style
And will continue to forever
Every inch of every new mile.

I hope people call her lucky
When she walks down the aisle
Because she deserves the best man I can be
And a romance that’s absolutely wild

She’s beautiful, the brightest gem
And it’s so much deeper than the Nile
Farther than will be seen by most men
But then again, I’ve yet to see it all myself.

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Willing that it be broken
I’ll put my heart out there,
Or if you prefer, held dear
I’ll be your lighthouse on a pier
When you think I’ve all but disappeared
I will shine bright and sway your heart from it’s fear
I’ll not abandon my post at this dock
Come rain, snow, or shotgun slug
I’m not going to bail out on us
Even when the going gets rough
Which it most assuredly will
But still, my choice is mine to steel
my heart isn’t one you can steal
It’s given of my own appeal
And neither of us should reel
In our mind on what the other feels
At consequences of love’s burial
Should that be the hand we deal
I’m being realistic and that’s the deal
No two ways about it, though painful it’s real.

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I can no longer have any satisfaction
In anything that is but a fraction
Of the original it came from
Truth, beauty, love, dreams, religion
The world won’t be honest enough
It keeps trying to feed me stuff
Just to fill this empty hole
A void deep and wide in my soul
The things that can wholly satisfy me
Are always the hardest to seek
They will demand myself as sacrifice
To obtain that which carries great price
And anything worth less is insignificant
Even if it is vain pursuit, it’s magnificent
Fain! Prepared for the cost!
My life I already consider a loss
I don’t care about a lasting mark
Or to be praised in death for my life-art
All or nothing, give it all or nothing you take
How can I remain on the fence before fate?
Living a lie just doesn’t sound like a good deal
If I can catch but a glimpse of something real
That would sum up my life pretty well.


Posted: June 4, 2013 in Love Poetry, Poetry
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I’ll never love the same as I loved you
In fact, I’ll do better next time, it’s true
I’ll love deeper, and stronger, and longer
I’ll never let my love leave something to be pondered.
I’ll give them what I never gave to you
And the things you recieved, they’ll get double that too.
I will never forget myself again for “love”
For “love” is something you had for who I’d been
You fell for that me, and we all know it too
So I’ll be 3.0 of me, not just the version after you
I’ll let my love shine bright like lights and neons
You won’t even have to look back to see what you missed out on
More importantly, it’s for them so they can clearly read the sign
Of my love for them that will breach the skyline
My sign for you may have been clear as day, even now
Because someone like me only shows true love, no doubt
But it gets sweeter, and you’ll never know the taste
It’s only for my spouse, and for any other it’d be a waste
With you my limit was the sky, you were scared of the height
And now my heart has room and wings to fly.
This is the last time I’ll ever write to you, God willing
Because I’ve got better things to do, and time’s ticking.

As love embers crystallize
Harden and start to shine
I start to wonder and slowly realize
What it really means to call you mine

It’s scary and vulnerable
The heartbeats skip like heart trouble
When you draw near, the trouble doubles
As we try hard not to let these hearts fumble

Seems like we’re learning to juggle
The relationship we share and the struggles
But the weight grows as time rolls on
Making it harder to continue this marathon

It’s so worth the effort, dangerous romance
Risk and reward, I’m taking this chance
On you, who says we can’t?
Let’s grow old together, I wouldn’t mind it

I’m trapped deep in your gaze
Heart to heart and face to face
I won’t let this moment go to waste
Because you’re sweet to the taste

(Tried my hand at love poetry for the first time after everything. It’s hard writing about something you’re not experiencing and drawing from the past, but it’s a refreshing and new sort of experience for me. I’m glad I attempted it. Step forward into finding a new muse and expanding horizons!)