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This year
Holiday Cheer
Isn’t knocking at my door
As I gaze deep into a mirror
I realize how alone I am here
And I find myself longing for more

My dear
I fear
That we belong together
As this haze, a holiday smear
Easily forgotten because no one cares
Drags on without you, and leaves me sore.

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Posted: July 16, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Poetry
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I open my eyes again this morning
Nothing special, yet again, same story
“Same old step out of bed it is…”
I think to myself stumbling toward the light switch
Click, and the world seemingly floods with glorious rays
And yet, I’ve seen it before, just another mundane Monday
I find myself by myself, a self filled existence all concerned about me
And how I wish I wasn’t awake to find myself by myself, ironically.
“It’d be great to have that something once over, even if only for a moment”
Yes, I’m selfishly thinking I want someone else I could be concerned with
Just so I can stop looking in the mirror and finding myself as I am
Criticizing, improving, doing what I think I should just because I can.
It’s getting old fast, being alone, sole company of my own pulse
Feels like distant memories, feeling the beat of another heart on my palm
Click, I don’t need to be up yet,┬áno one to talk to. Sleep sounds plenty good to me.
As I lay dreaming something I won’t remember, I drown out the lonely.

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