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Some birds are born free
And any assistance to thee
Would cage them from all they might otherwise be
Some birds only know their cage
Never a passing thought they’re the same
As those soaring on a different plane
Some men seek to stand behind
A woman flying with no greatness to hide
Only to hinder her from reaching her greatest height
Some men break the bars
Becoming a ramp to the stars
Tearing the cages apart
To these men
I implore you, listen
Empower your women
You may build a tower
Around your beautiful flower
And she’ll never shine brighter
You may release the dragon
But until she knows it her life drags on
She needs to find the fire in herself to be strong
Some girls are born free
Some girls only know their cage
Sometimes you must leave them be.

Only then will some birds discover what they were created to be.

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