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As far as I can tell, I’m still young
You are too… Apparently you’re only 21 once.
But it happens 300 something days in a row,
I guess I don’t get it because I’m not old
The way I see it, I still have time
To make enough mistakes for a lifetime
But only just barely… I think…
And I’m not sure that would leave time to dream
Considering most wrinkles I’ve talked to
Have only managed one or at best two
And considering you have 300 something
When you’re 21 once, that’s intimidating.
I guess that’s why they hope we start now
So that maybe we get 3 under our belt?
Well, I guess that makes sense if you’re a wrinkle
But I’m still trying to figure it all out for now
I’ll only have a baby face and small problems
For a short while, they tell me, so I should enjoy them
(But the small problems are pretty big… I think…)
See, I think when you get old your eyes don’t see as well,
And it gets to the point that some problems may as well be invisible.
That doesn’t mean they aren’t there,
They just get left alone and start to pull out your hair
And weigh down your skin and wear out your smile
So my first dream is to have the best eyes around
And then I’ll have the time to dream
And I’ll still be young, or so it will seem.
But for now, we’re still young,
And I’ve heard we’ll only be 21 once.

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The rain is dreary
It’s leaving me sleepy
And as i start dreaming
The drops throw a party
In the place for parking
As rainbows are arching
Played like vinyl by lightning
And thunder rumbles lightly
On the dance floor nightly
Drops step until the sun is rising
As I find myself waking
A thought is captivating
Nature is frightening.

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Streets walked
By busy little bots
Robot humanity
Life on automatic
Eyes to pavement, glued
Following lines and grooves
“Choices and decisions”
Following nature’s rhythms
Only one way against the flow
Though there’s countless ways it goes
Return is my life ’til death calling
Like a salmon, upstream I’m going
I won’t follow the zombie masses
Converting and consuming every life it passes
My heart finally started beating again
And I see clearly the world I live in
I won’t follow my zombie cravings anymore
This flesh is not the best master to live for
I’m done with this selfish robot program
Want more, get more? Meaningless, man!
You don’t get it, because it’s easy
Following a current can be plenty pleasing
But I’m after more than my passing pleasure
This world will never fully satisfy my desire
I met someone that changed my fate
So I walk the path no one dares take
This world can never take enough from me
To rid me of my addiction to things they don’t see
Some will insist it’s pure insanity
But they don’t want to face the reality
That life is more than following your dream
They still want to play pretend they’re asleep
When it’s all or nothing and we’re playing for keeps
I refuse to walk with my eyes glued to the street.