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God, the great and powerful
Praiseworthy and masterful
Creator of all that is beautiful
And origin of all the universe

Christ, the greatest miracle
Given as sacrifice for all
The Word who left heaven for the fall
And brought redemption upon a cross

Holy Spirit, wise counselor
Miracle worker and deliverer
Guidance and generous giver
Of God’s gifts, our convict-er

Father, the great I am
Holding all power in His hand
Everything according to His plan
He was with the Word before the first breath of man

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My day off, hell yes!
Finally kick my feet up and relax on my deck
Read a good book and write a good poem
It’s a good day, and creativity’s a flowin’
Good Lord, You really knew best
Taking a day off is the greatest thing You’d invent
I’ll admit, woman is a close second
But they’d be pain 24/7 😉
And if the devil never takes a break
It’s no wonder torment is his fate
To think of all Your ideas we were the best…
Nah, You saved the best for last, Creator of rest.