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A National Holiday

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Holiday Poetry, Poetry
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It just isn’t Christmas without love
No matter how much you bundle up,
Hats, boots, coats, gloves
Lacking a warm heart you’ll never have enough
It isn’t the gifts that make it merry
It’s the interaction of family
And friends that make this a national holiday

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This year
Holiday Cheer
Isn’t knocking at my door
As I gaze deep into a mirror
I realize how alone I am here
And I find myself longing for more

My dear
I fear
That we belong together
As this haze, a holiday smear
Easily forgotten because no one cares
Drags on without you, and leaves me sore.

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This Christmas
My wishlist
Is simply
You and me
By the fireplace

Staying warm
In your arms
Under a blanket
Content with
The sweetness
Of companionship

Bells that jingle
And old Chris Kringle
Eating chocolate chips
Red nosed reindeer
And holding loved ones near
A holiday to never forget

Just a mistletoe apart
Heart to heart
A romantic embraceĀ 
I don’t want any presents
All I want is your presence
On December twenty fifth

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