Christmas at GFS.

Posted: February 2, 2014 in Other Poetry, Poetry

It’s Christmas time at GFS
The freezer is in such distress
And I’m blaming that on Jukiewicz
Jeff showed up unexpected
To hand out holiday well wishes
Tim got us some sandwhiches
Just like the good housewife he is
He’s keeping Farkas whipped
Mopping in the crypt (between the “coffins”)
While Josh is passing gas (There were beans on demo)
Next to his girlfriend at mass
Or so he said he might be
Before he clocked out to leave
And Sam T and Stevey
Can’t stay away even on Christmas Eve
Danielle didn’t sing,
but she did ring
Like a fire alarm in pain
Checking out loads
Of last minute customers in droves
Amanda was slicing Bologna
Like a ninja cutting nonsensical stories
I never claimed that GFS was sane,
Yea, we’re a bunch of characters
Every Alice has a Mad Hatter

Merry Christmas,
We’ll be “normal” again next month!

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