Posted: October 27, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Love Poetry, Poetry, Relationship Poetry
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Willing that it be broken
I’ll put my heart out there,
Or if you prefer, held dear
I’ll be your lighthouse on a pier
When you think I’ve all but disappeared
I will shine bright and sway your heart from it’s fear
I’ll not abandon my post at this dock
Come rain, snow, or shotgun slug
I’m not going to bail out on us
Even when the going gets rough
Which it most assuredly will
But still, my choice is mine to steel
my heart isn’t one you can steal
It’s given of my own appeal
And neither of us should reel
In our mind on what the other feels
At consequences of love’s burial
Should that be the hand we deal
I’m being realistic and that’s the deal
No two ways about it, though painful it’s real.

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