Praying for Restoration

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Poetry, Relationship Poetry
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Going through old pictures of us, all the memories clear in my mind too
I can’t stop myself from crying thinking of all since then you’ve gone through
Everything was your choice, but still, deeply I wish the very best for you
I wish there was a rescue squad I could personally bring to mend all the wounds
Because for sure I’d make sure of the success and make sure you knew
That every little thing you’ve ever done, or ever thought of, or ever will do
Is covered in God’s grace, His forgiveness for you, every day His graces are new
And that’s the only reason I can stand and say with me, the same has always been true
God never changed the plan, neither did you, here’s the proof
Look, the sun still rises in your sky, and when it sets up rises the moon
The tides of life are raging, but their master will say “Peace be still!” in a thunderous boom
And as clouds part way for the Son, let His glory-light shine in, on, and through you.
My heart aches to see your life come full circle, but remember restoration isn’t just a redo
You don’t get to start from scratch, and neither do butterflies in a cocoon
So I’m praying you come out of this better than before, and selfishly I want to see it soon.
I’m sure you agree, it can’t be comfortable there in your refining and reforging room
It’ll all fall together, it is falling together, like the song that long ago came from my writer’s womb.

Here’s to hoping lives are restored. We all have that friend or loved one that made mistakes, and deep inside us we want to see them get back on track even if we never meet or see them again… Here’s hoping for one of mine.

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