Fresh Rust and Peanut Butter

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Other Poetry, Poetry
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(My original attempt at a poem about peanut butter at my friends challenge. I decided it wasn’t about peanut butter at all after writing it and scrapped the idea to write something even more ridiculous when they added topics)

Holding on to our old memories
I hate myself for clinging
But I can’t help anything
I’m the rust holding
onto these wedding rings
The heart is no liar
And the past keeps no secrets
I’m like peanut butter
Stuck to the jar
And you give me no rest
Carrying your burdens around
As if your scars held no regret
It’s harder letting go
Than you could ever know
With all the cold in your soul
Deep enough to chill through your bones
And leave you numb to the pain
While I hold a lump in my throat

When you just don’t have the strength left
And your pride is a victim to theft
Aftermath of promises that failed to be kept
And as my words fall they ring true in Your chest
Carry around this piece of my heart so you never forget
And may the weight burden you for many years yet
To come pouring like the rain God let loose hiding the sun
When all I could do was sit and count the hours as I wept
Over you and the wounds still fresh.

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