A whole new level of ridiculous.

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I like challenges. I was challenged to write lyrics containing peanut butter, buttery peanuts, marshmallows, motor oil, baby giraffes, and nutella. I apologize for the brain cells you will lose reading this terrible idea. Challenge completed.

Without further ado:

Buttery peanuts,
Slippery devils.
But it’s my fix
For my habitual hells
Where in dwells
Peanut butter swells
And sugary gumdrop wells
The sweet and salty hills
On the fine curve of shells
Smooth and tasty as nutella
Or motor oil flowing from leaking drums
Or the feel of baby giraffe bottoms
I guess I’ll randomly throw
In marshmallows
Just for kicks and giggles
Geez, talk about whimsical…

Spoken Word Download: http://adf.ly/5730942/a-whole-new-level-of-ridiculous


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