Posted: July 19, 2013 in Nielf, the story of Idan Zeal.
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“As it turns out, we know very little of the world we call home! Our own cradle of life has seen far more than we could ever know, were it not sworn to silence it would tell marvelous tales like the one we are about to discover!” he said with an abundance of joy in his voice as he quickly traversed through the city, leading his troop, homebound. A greatly anticipated word had arrived! He had become a father, for this he must abandon the battlefield and make haste to his beloved’s side. Passing through gates and doors, forgetting to slow and dismount entirely, he raced through his palace leaving many in his wake to navigate the newborn confusion and mess on their own as he steamed onward. As he approached the chamber, he leaped from his mount. A dismount befitting of a king, never missing a beat and no apparent loss of momentum. Crashing to the ground like thunder through the sky, you could feel it in the air. With a wave of his hand he opened the final passage, stopped dead where he stand by the painted reality before him. For there stood a woman with her child bundled up in her arms. The newborn elf, a baby boy, lay silently watching wide-eyed as if something grand were about to occur, not in the slightest aware that he was in fact that grand something. A prince was born to his people this day. His name? Idan Zeal. And so the tale begins.


Yes. There will be more.


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