Before us lies an era of passion
The very fires of life burning bright
With no signs of letting up for a moment
And hearts, like our hands intertwined for the night
Dreams of hopes and goals growing close
Ever closer as in return we forsake our rights
If only for that one breath
One simple second that you’re really mine
And these hearts of ours share common ground
Understanding for the first time, granting flight
God, don’t let this gravity pull us down
We scream as we dream and hold each other tight
A grand blaze for art, for beauty, for love
An inferno for truth, for the journey, & a reason for life
No one stand in the way or hold us back,
Or burn, I swear, will your soul tonight
Yes! Harsh, offensive, full of meaning and emotion
But truer than the farthest foresight
Real passion never caters to opinions
Idan Zeal, era of passion, my delight.


Idan means “Era” and Zeal is obvious. It’s a name, and a cool one I think. So I wrote a poem about it, not sure myself what exactly I’m trying to paint as a word picture or who is speaking or where it’s coming from (Parents speaking and turning to their child at the end, or a poem spoken to one’s beloved)… But most definitely capturing the meaning of the name. I read this over like 20 times after I wrote it, still feeling passionate about it.

Spoken Word Download:


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