“Our approach will determine their response”

Posted: July 14, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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“Our approach will determine their response”
My pastor spoke in a meeting after lunch
It made me think of the implications and such
Of my role in every ministry God uses us to launch
I have an approach unique to me,
As most days you can clearly see
Perhaps most easily in a line of poetry
And this may just be what someone needs
My approach determines the response of the undead
Left at my finger tips by God with clear intent
I know for a fact I was born for such a time as this
The concept burning on this heart in my chest
That I sold out as bartering goods to accurately represent
Him, I pray I may become all things to all men
And let the approach be effective, so not one is mislead
New, improved, improving, don’t forget it.
Simply put, failure means we’re not finished yet
And if we are to die in the process
God will rise up 3 more messengers in our stead
I am unimportant, God let Your message be sent.

Spoken Word Download: http://adf.ly/5730942/our-approach


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