Often Forgotten

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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God often forgotten,
Yet always here with me
In every moment,
Even the moments when we don’t meet
It’s crazy to think of all You do
That I may never see
The universe You hold together
From behind the scenes
Like salt in the ocean
White and pure hidden in the deep
And as life continues raging
You continue to sustain me
It takes a moment to grasp
Just how unceasingly, thoroughly
In each moment, every second
You surround my small reality
Even as I stop thinking about You
You hold Your place as King.

On my birthday, as I was sitting in a park with a couple of my close friends… I realized God is here. I’m not paying mind to it, but He is, and celebrating with us. Walking with us, enjoying the day with us, and at the same time mourning with those who lost family comforting their hearts through His Word using a mear man willing to speak and hold the honor of conducting the funeral of another man now resting in His presence and all this while performing a miracle yet again in Africa for a widow dependent on Him for her everyday provisions. Somehow it came as a shock to me as if I believed He was only there when I was thinking about it or as if I believed He went from church service to church service to missions trip to ect. ect. which I have never actually believed at all. Something I knew was true but did’t realize the impact of. It dawned on me, inspired me, and then my iPod almost died so it had to wait to come into completion in it’s poetic form.

Spoken Word Download: http://adf.ly/5730942/often-forgotten


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