Hold To Your Convictions

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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War rages in the heart
Soul and spirit torn apart
And set at serious odds
My soul, trapped in a deep fog
Called Earth, a place of cruelty
My spirit, born of highest royalty
Eagerly waiting upon the Word of the King
Both still me, but the space between
Their perspectives begins the war
Who the winner will be I can’t be sure
But I know if I take no stand then soul will win
But to side with the spirit requires costly action
If soul leads then spirit, part of me, dies
If spirit takes lead, I admit I was never truly alive
For the spirit to lead and soul to follow
My mind I must submit, make myself low
And make high the King on the throne
But I am divided, even deep as marrow and bones
By His Word that makes my flesh cry aloud
In sorrow and pain for the things it must do without
This war in my being between half-decent intentions
And thoughts of seemingly justifiable self preservation
With selfless overly sacrificial and intentional giving
And intentions wholly based in Kingdom thinking
As much as you’d think the choice is obvious
We still choose ultimately to live for us
Even knowing the choices given
Are simply life or death, hell or heaven
I desire and do things I don’t want any part of
And I honestly want things I know are bad, it’s rough
To live torn with yourself, denying the other half
Seriously, one or the other. Pick your path.
No more of this pretense of “Making decisions”
Hold to your convictions.

Spoken Word Download: http://adf.ly/5730942/hold-to-your-convictions


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