I’m Not About To Sugar Coat It.

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Other Poetry, Poetry
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I’m tired, sleep deprived and not so enthusiastic
Too much caffeine lately, it leaves my stomach upset
To top it off, of everyone I’ve met
It seems like I’ve really not been the busiest
So I’ll push a little harder before I give it a rest
Because a slacker shouldn’t complain, no contest
But today’s really been stocking up the stress
I should blow off steam before I come to regret
Not giving out maybe just a little less
Of myself for this beautiful little mess
Referring to my job, relationships, and internship
Today just isn’t my favorite
And I’m not about to sugar coat it.

– It’s really difficult making things sound harsh when they’re really great. Yea, I’m tired and worn out a bit, some truth here and there, but I’m really enjoying life right now. I wrote this for someone that really likes the phrase in the title, so here you go and I hope you like it! I apologize for the poetry spam lately, I know it’s a bit much but please bear with me.


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