Posted: June 24, 2013 in #DearGod, Sermon

My King, thank You for all that You are doing in the lives of Your people. Thank You for the season of growth and the season of change. I see You doing great and wonderful things all around, from the inside out. You are orchestrating a great piece, and we are but a note to be played. A beautiful creation in our own right, but nothing without our Composer. God, don’t let me get wrapped up in the content You produce in me and don’t let me get caught up in the place You’ve put me in. God, wrap me in Your arms even if I struggle and hold me tight because You’re all I need. Consume my desires and my heart, chastise me at my core and turn my desires to You. Lord of all, here on my heart are things I don’t want, or rather that I know I don’t need and that they could harm me because I want them. If I follow this wicked heart again, knowing it leads to ruin, where would I end up? Don’t allow me to abandon wisdom and good guidance for the things I feel tied to. Allow me to surpass my mistakes on the second round, allow me the strength to do the work You did in my life justice. I know You have good things in store for me. I can wait. Again, my plea, chastise my heart. The path is narrow and grows narrower, my situation grows more and more desperate and is becoming more and more a beautiful mess. Help me to bear the heart of a servant, guide me in the role You have placed me in. Flow new things into my life and wash away the old, teach me to live with my hand open for You to take and for You to give. I hope You never need to pry my hand open because there are things I’m afraid to let go of, and that I would never try to rid my hand of something You had a purpose for pretending You are taking it away. God, in this glass house, reign King and let Your order be known. You first, myself last. So be my prayer until Your answer.


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