Something Real

Posted: June 23, 2013 in Other Poetry, Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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I can no longer have any satisfaction
In anything that is but a fraction
Of the original it came from
Truth, beauty, love, dreams, religion
The world won’t be honest enough
It keeps trying to feed me stuff
Just to fill this empty hole
A void deep and wide in my soul
The things that can wholly satisfy me
Are always the hardest to seek
They will demand myself as sacrifice
To obtain that which carries great price
And anything worth less is insignificant
Even if it is vain pursuit, it’s magnificent
Fain! Prepared for the cost!
My life I already consider a loss
I don’t care about a lasting mark
Or to be praised in death for my life-art
All or nothing, give it all or nothing you take
How can I remain on the fence before fate?
Living a lie just doesn’t sound like a good deal
If I can catch but a glimpse of something real
That would sum up my life pretty well.


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