I Wanna Make You Smile

Posted: June 8, 2013 in Other Poetry, Poetry, Relationship Poetry
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Poem I wrote for a friend who challenged my poetry writing skills. He said to write a poem for a co-worker that would make her smile and said he would read it to her. I asked if it was ok to make it cheesy, and he said to cheese it up! 10 minutes later he was eating his words and using mine. Needless to say, this was spur of the moment and the content is fictional. Poem is as follows (Her name starts with D, and he actually calls her D).

I wanna make you smile
Feels like I haven’t seen your sunlight in a while
And I’m vitamin D deficient
D*******, I think you can fix it
So flash that smile at me
My addiction, but it’s sweet.
Girl, you bring a man to his knees
They can keep butterflies, I found a queen bee.

(P.S.- She smiled like an idiot and walked away all embarrassed yelling “I hate you.” at him.)


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