Posted: June 8, 2013 in #DearGod, Sermon

God, I know You reign over all things. God I know You are faithful. God I know You are someone I can trust. God thank You for Your hand, and thank You for Your heart. God I thank You for the storms of life, even those we don’t see coming. God I thank You that You are God in the midst of it and that You are literally bringing a new day with fresh light every morning and that You are the Author of time itself and we are simply reading along. You have it all figured out and everything is in Your control. Read us like a book and tell us where to go. Give us a clue, guide us, help us like only You can. God be real in the midst of our problems, circumstances and pains. God, my heart is burdened most right now for those that have no idea where to turn to or where to go. For men with broken hearts, walking time bombs and open and infected wounds… For women who are slaves to their insecurities, who have made mistakes and don’t know how to deal with them and those carrying a life they don’t know what to do with. God, You alone can understand their hurt, I can’t even begin to pretend to know it. Be there. Shine through darkness and mend the wounds and heal the hearts and defeat the stronghold of insecurity. Slay the reputation of it’s lies. God, You are a warrior God and stands before You an enemy I know I don’t need to convince You to defeat or take hold of. I need only be willing to go and join the fray, so here I am Lord. Here we are. Rise up an army filled with the Spirit, burning to the core with a passion for those captive to their circumstances and mistakes. We were there once, and You set us free, do it again. God send answers. God send listeners. God send passion. God send the burden for those You love and came out from Heaven to bring back with You as a King returning from war. God, my King, thank You for coming to my rescue. I was there once, I was hurting, I was broken. Here my story lays bare. Use it, grow it, and I pray You would work a miracle for someone else through it. So be my prayer until Your answer.


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