Posted: June 4, 2013 in Love Poetry, Poetry
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I’ll never love the same as I loved you
In fact, I’ll do better next time, it’s true
I’ll love deeper, and stronger, and longer
I’ll never let my love leave something to be pondered.
I’ll give them what I never gave to you
And the things you recieved, they’ll get double that too.
I will never forget myself again for “love”
For “love” is something you had for who I’d been
You fell for that me, and we all know it too
So I’ll be 3.0 of me, not just the version after you
I’ll let my love shine bright like lights and neons
You won’t even have to look back to see what you missed out on
More importantly, it’s for them so they can clearly read the sign
Of my love for them that will breach the skyline
My sign for you may have been clear as day, even now
Because someone like me only shows true love, no doubt
But it gets sweeter, and you’ll never know the taste
It’s only for my spouse, and for any other it’d be a waste
With you my limit was the sky, you were scared of the height
And now my heart has room and wings to fly.
This is the last time I’ll ever write to you, God willing
Because I’ve got better things to do, and time’s ticking.


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