Posted: June 4, 2013 in #DearGod, Sermon
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Thanks for answers to prayer and putting others beside me bold enough to be blunt and open about tough topics. You amaze me with how You work with time and how You chose to answer our prayers. It’s so off our radar most of the time, but if we could comprehend it we could only start to doubt as to whether You’re any better than us if we can predict You. God, sometimes it gets really hard to see You in this world we live in that is determined to hide You. It’s like a corn maze in a dense fog, so easy to lose our way and forget You when we can’t see. God open our eyes to see You again, God draw us closer and don’t let us go. Teach us again from the beginning who You are, not just what You can do. Help us to stop ¬†chasing Your hand and start chasing Your heart. God, right now from the depths of my soul I am desperate to really hate and despise my sin like You do. God, somewhere along the lines I became used to my sin, as if it were part of me, and I became comfortable and I pray You bring uneasiness. I came to find a place where my sin was not only comfortable but also enjoyable and pleasing, and yet my spirit cries from within me for it to be something I detest. God, this is a crisis. Help us to truly become angered by and disgusted by our sin, help us to truly hate our own lack of guilt for our most common offenses. It isn’t ok with me anymore that I continue to live like I don’t know You or like I have no opportunity to change. This isn’t about other people, but a crisis of the heart and of our own guilt and conscience. If we really hated our sin, how would we live? Give us this motivation for change and becoming more like You! I know it’s not pleasant, but if You’re really God then I want to really live like it. Don’t let my heart off easy for getting off track. You are the only one worth chasing with my life and talents and treasures and time. I appreciate that You give us the opportunity to come to You, as filthy as we sometimes are with our religion-stains, and that You didn’t just invite us but came and died for us while we were still in our sin. God, thanks for convictions and the hard things in life, You are God of the calm and the storm. God, thank You for working things out with us when You didn’t have to and everything You do . Don’t let us ever stop being thankful to a God that gives so much. So be my prayer until Your answer.


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