Sweet to the Taste

Posted: May 31, 2013 in Love Poetry, Poetry, Relationship Poetry
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As love embers crystallize
Harden and start to shine
I start to wonder and slowly realize
What it really means to call you mine

It’s scary and vulnerable
The heartbeats skip like heart trouble
When you draw near, the trouble doubles
As we try hard not to let these hearts fumble

Seems like we’re learning to juggle
The relationship we share and the struggles
But the weight grows as time rolls on
Making it harder to continue this marathon

It’s so worth the effort, dangerous romance
Risk and reward, I’m taking this chance
On you, who says we can’t?
Let’s grow old together, I wouldn’t mind it

I’m trapped deep in your gaze
Heart to heart and face to face
I won’t let this moment go to waste
Because you’re sweet to the taste

(Tried my hand at love poetry for the first time after everything. It’s hard writing about something you’re not experiencing and drawing from the past, but it’s a refreshing and new sort of experience for me. I’m glad I attempted it. Step forward into finding a new muse and expanding horizons!)


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