Posted: May 24, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

When you look in the mirror
You should learn to see her
Instead of the whore and wench before you.
There’s a woman buried inside
And all she does is cry
When she sees all the things that you do.
“A woman is better than that
You’re too precious for this crap!”
But you’re not going to listen to her any time soon.
“Feel this guilt in your stomach?
You need to stop causing it!”
And you turn away because it hurts to hear truth
“Be more, do more, pray it through
I’ll see you next time, maybe, at least I want to”
Says the woman in the mirror from deep within you.
You don’t hear her or see her there
So you keep looking for someone that cares
Beautiful, you just don’t get that there’s a beauty inside too.
You find love in man and God
But never love yourself, it’s odd
You don’t see the woman that others really do
When you look in that mirror by yourself
Leave your opinions on the bottom shelf
So you can see that woman really start to shine through.
Ignoring her, the person your becoming is cheap
Doesn’t cost much, so there’s not much you’ll reap
But that woman lies dormant, always, forever, beautiful in you.
You can’t change that, no matter what you try
But the deeper you bury her, the harder she’ll be to find
You can count on her being the one by your side, she’ll stick to you like glue..
Those things you really feel you should do
The things you really don’t want to lose
You don’t have to, it’s something you choose, something only you can do.
There stands a loved woman and Godly princess
Reflects a loveless whore and godless wench
The story of mankind, God sees what we never imagined, He sees you.
The fact is, what we see is only ever going to be the reflection
And our lenses are all tainted by the world we live in
I for one will choose which lens I will be looking through.
I will stop believing what I see in the mirror
I will believe in something much much greater
Because God did better than that, whatever He planned to do.


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