Let a Consistent Story Be Told

Posted: May 24, 2013 in Other Poetry, Poetry

You don’t realize until you’re on the receiving end
How much it hurts when the truth is bent
Even if it’s not your intent
The assassin’s already been sent

Deceit now walks and talks in your stead
A person living lies is already dead
Can you even call it living if it never existed?
When everything you believe in was smoke and mirrors – twisted

A fantasy, false reality, and when they wake to see
Your cruelty, that deceit they took like an arrow to the knee
How will you feel? What will they need?
Will the truth come out? Who will you be?

I won’t be playing that hand anymore
Left the cards in my sleeve, I lie no more
Won’t be spreading mis-truth just so I gain pleasure
No more death speaking for it’s ease and allure

I’m done with child’s play and tall tales of old
Truth and honesty alone are a reason to be bold
Whatever consequence pursues, it’s still truth I’ll hold
And in my end, let a consistent story be told.


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