Reveal Yourself

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Poetry, Spiritual Poetry

God, reveal Yourself more in our lives
In our homes, in our minds
Reveal Yourself through us every time
You get a chance, in every rhyme
God, Your mercy should humble our pride
We don’t deserve this forgiveness of our crime
You transformed us like Optimus Prime
Keep at it, put our hearts on the grind
Because we need to be like You,Your kind
So walk it out with us, side by side

And show us Your ways and Your style
Reveal Yourself in every mile.
Don’t let up, walk us through trials
Even as the heat cranks up on the dial
Boil, bubble and double trouble in our phial
Even as they send us into exile
So that You’d be glorified all the while
And smooth the edges, like a nail file
So when You’re revealed it curves a smile
And a reason to believe, a proof against doubts
God, reveal yourself. Right now.


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