Posted: May 22, 2013 in #DearGod, Sermon
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God, thank You for Your grace and guidance. Help me to understand how You could forgive us when we treated You as someone else’s God and disregarded Your warnings and teachings. Especially just to follow what sounds good to us. God, You are just and You are the One on the throne. Lord, those that stand before you with insolence and disrespectful hearts will bow a knee when the time comes. You are the Victor, and I pray that is true in this life as well. God, don’t You let us ever forget You. Fill our hearts with holy fear and trembling that we seem to have forgotten as we get used to Your grace and mercy gift. Following You isn’t simply an option if You’re real. You are good, but You do as You please. You have all power in Your hand, let us not forget this just because You also hold forgiveness and love in Your outstretched hand for us. I know a time is coming and is nearer by the second for that hand to pull away. God give us a clear picture of who You are and what You’ve really done for us. You chose to forgive us, even now, for all we’ve done… How great a love could You possibly have that we would be subject to Your mercy? You are a jealous God and we are a whore of a Kingdom. Thank You isn’t enough. We like to think it was just Israel that forgot You, that it’s tales of old and in the past and that the church has never forgotten You, but that’s just fairy tales and legends. We need You more now than ever, and where is Your authority? When did we forget You and become a religion? The very brood of vipers You despised! Why do we have to pass by the lady in a car at Walmart struggling to get into her wheelchair wishing for new legs and not have the power to say “I don’t have new legs to give you, but here’s what I have… Get up and walk on the legs you were given, God is healing you today, and you can put this on His credit and His name. No strings attached.” because it’s not Sunday or in a church when it’s ok to be religious? God, where did You go that we have to squint to find You in a Christian nation surrounded by a growing Atheist world? You’re a powerful God. You’re a sovereign Overseer. You’re a master Creator. Do it all again, we need You. Put the bread in the house, put the bread in the streets and hoods, put the bread in the white house. Most importantly God, don’t let us mistake something man made as being a god again because it feels good or gives us goose bumps or because religion says so. Be raw, be real, or don’t be at all because You’re either God or You’re not and it’s not for us to decide. Thank You for life, thank You for breath, and thank You for words. Don’t let us ever stop being thankful to a God that gives so much. So be my prayer until Your answer.


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