Happy Dagger

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

Oh, happy Dagger!
Held tightly in that hand of hers
Pierce the heart of her lover
Feel his pulse grow weaker and weaker
Then as she throws you away
Watch as she realizes her grave mistake
Murder, in cold-blood, you call this fate?
Bleeding out, he cries out “Please, stay!”
He loves her so very deeply
That she sees all the love seeping
Out of the wound on his chest
It seeps into her clothes, oh regret!
He sees what she’s done, “How dare you?”
As he tries to put pressure on the wound
He starts to grow cold, losing all this love
She feels the weight of this, it’s too much
She runs away from the scene she can’t face
Goes and takes Dagger in hand on her way
With disbelief on his face, “Oh, Happy Dagger”
He says as love runs dry, “You can have her…”

(Sorry for all the depressing poetry lately, can’t help it sometimes. I said before “I just left my heart on my sleeve and my pen wrote accordingly” (Stumbling), and right now things are still hard. I’ve just got to be transparent about things, honest with myself in what I write and for the sake of whoever this may relate to I must let it out so they know they’re not alone. There’s a process, and we’re getting there. Hopefully a bunch more positive poetry will be coming soon. ^_^; Hopefully.)


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