Posted: May 16, 2013 in Holiday Poetry, Poetry

Most Mother’s Day poems show how much you care
Others tell of how you’ve always been there
But this one I want to share what you’ve shared
And give back what you’ve already instilled here
You taught me that I could know God
I watched you study Him with everything you’ve got
You enabled me to question almost everything
When you searched for truth in front of me
You taught me that words hold power
Your writing and messages helped me grow stronger
I’d be a fool to deny your influence on these
Poems and songs I write, nothing comes from just me
Some of my favorite memories are our talks in the car
And what you have to say about the man I’ve become so far
You showed me what a man should be
And thus, what women and the world look like to me
Ultimately it’s these and the amazing woman you are
That’s shaped me and pointed me to the Morning Star
Thank you for being the mother God made you to be
Imperfect, but you’ve given me everything I need
I love you, no rose-colored lenses required
Though even without, I can see a person to be admired.


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