I bring the rain.

Posted: May 11, 2013 in Music/Lyrics, Rap

Their beats are sick
But mine reign king of them all
They can spew nonsense at me all night long
But my flow brings the roof down in one song
They make ’em wet, I make ’em drown
Get baptized when they hear my sound
I’m like rain, they’re mud on the ground
When my bass drops their body feels the pound
They call it hot stuff, but caution don’t touch
If you wait a minute, I’ll be cooling them off
They say I’m wet behind the ears because they fear my drops
And the words I’m spouting they just can’t stop
I keep the lyrics clean while they prostitute their mouth
And I’ll still precipitate on the biggest sellout
Water level is rising, better get the hell out
Cuz I’ll rain on your parade, my antonym is drought
I bring the rain.


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