Posted: May 11, 2013 in Love Songs, Music/Lyrics

How do I introduce her?
She’s the girl my heart beats for
She brings my mess to it’s knees
A piece of heaven, my ecstasy
Her eyes warm my soul at a glance
Summer skies, sweet and heavy romance
And her smile pleasant as the moon
Beating down on a perfect night in June
My heart races as our lips touch
The kiss of dreams, adrenaline rush
So soft and intimate
It’s just us, I’m glad we met
We’re not done, I’m not finished yet

Because it’s her, I can’t speak
Because it’s her, My knees are weak
Because it’s her, I love her
Just her.

I run my fingers through her hair
Smooth waves, wild curls, I’ll never share
She’s lovely and beautiful
To pass her by I’d be a blind fool
She turns heads and steals hearts
And she’s more than just a work of art
her depths feel like home to me
At ease falling for her personality
She’s something special, a cut above
I won’t leave her, this must be love
And it’s crazy that she doesn’t believe me
But I’ll show her, she’s precious, she’ll see…


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