Posted: May 11, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

A lion walked proudly and caught himself a glimpse
A glimpse that would make him miss
The sight of the woman he saw
“She must be a lioness, she has me in awe”
So he said as he chased her
Eventually he caught up, even though she tried to run faster and faster
She said she didn’t think he would like her and so she ran
But he pinned her, said “Oh, don’t be silly, I am a lion
after all, we were made to be, you must be crazy.”
To which she said “I guess we’ll have to see.”
They watched the Lion King, played Nala and Simba.
They held hands, kissed, and fell in love like “Timber!”.
Promises were made, and love was set on simmer
She got comfortable, they lasted the winter
And as the spring after came he wanted to marry her
Bent grass into a ring, for it was all he could afford
He proposed, she said yes, they had so much pride
In the relationship, knew it would last a long time
Then she looked in a mirror and started to second guess
Told him she felt like she couldn’t be herself, broke a promise
Told him there was another man
And that broke his heart into sand
He became fierce and acted as a hurt lion should
Which gave her the push that sent her to the woods
She played games bouncing between the two
Just to find out her paw never fit in either shoe
So she picked whatever made her happiest
Effectively proving she was no lioness.
She was in fact a cheetah that the lion had fell for
The difference being a lion has pride and good fur
The cheetah had spots and no one to look after her
She found herself lonely and found the other man
Thus, their new but wretched story began.


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