Posted: May 10, 2013 in Other Poetry, Poetry

A blank page is creative freedom
A chance to build myself a kingdom
Or a chance to let emotions run wild
And experience the heart of a child
Between the lines my soul leaves it’s mark
The joy, the tears, the times, the years, the light, and the dark
Without the bounds of everyday life
Only held by limits of the language I write
And dimmed not by sounds or sights
Because the words hold the power and the might
The very same that God used
To create the universe and part the waters in two
The bang that left all in wonder
Is left on the pages by a writer
Pen is mightier than sword
For a word can turn a heart against or toward
Media could perhaps be the greatest power on Earth
It’s words that are what separates us from the dirt
And a politician needs only fancy words
To change a country, continent, or world
And so I treasure my pages
For there my heart lays in
And timelessly continues beating
As long as people continue reading.


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