Posted: May 10, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

I won’t give it a chance
Even if she comes back
Everything that happened
Wasn’t just happenstance
She intentionally did this
Intentionally planted the kiss
Intentionally gave up
Intentionally broke stuff
But I won’t let go of love
Because I said I won’t give up
And I meant it.
For real, all of it.
A year or two
Maybe if time changes you
I guarantee I’ll be waiting
But if you don’t come I won’t be chasing
Because I’ve done enough of that
So I’ll just sit back and relax
Read and write and take a good look at all the facts
Like Solomon, “It’s meaningless” without that
And character building, growth, change
My life starts to make sense again.
Love stories like this are optional
Because God gave a better one, removed all obstacles
He gave the very life of His Son
So I’ve got somewhere I can run.


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