Miss Belief

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Dark Poetry, Poetry

I can’t bring myself to believe
That you ever stopped loving me
That even falling for someone else
You look back on the journey and miss me
Every time you realize I was right
From words reused by other men
You’re reminded of everything that could have been
You say your anxiety and depression are better
Is that because you two are so often together?
or because he’s really better than me?
That’s just something I can never see.
Even if I wanted to watch I can’t
The heartache is too great to chance
Despite what he says he’ll never love you like I did
But that’s because he’s not me, not because he can’t try it
I guess what it boils down to is my belief
That if I set my mind to it there’s nothing I can’t reach
And when it comes to your happiness,
I guess that’s not something I can preach
Because that’s dependent on you and not me.
Mixed up and twisted belief is a real tragedy
I think from now on I’ll just call you little Miss Belief


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